I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dragon Age: Inquisition for four years and it’s release is only a few months away. Mages have always been my favourite class, so I’m counting down with illustrations of the upcoming mage companions.

Dorian is first up, naturally. I painted him manipulating water because, damn it, I want some water spells!

water spells would be badass!







I promised some naughty iron bull and I finally had time to draw some ;)

Click Here for the full view (nsfw)



Dorian reacts it best, amirite

Mally and I will both be in our bunks.




inquisitor-irisadaar <3


Inquisitor Backgrounds

I’ve updated Albedo and Issala’s backgrounds according to the new info on the official website. I do plan on more playthroughs aside from these two, but these are my only thought out avatars for now. However, I’m basically planning on 8 playthroughs, running every race as both genders at least once.

Male Elven Mage: Albedo Lavellan was extremely young when he lost both of his parents. They were both city elves, trying to escape the city, tired of being third class citizens. However their escape soon lead to their doom as they were overwhelmed by a Darkspawn horde. Fortunately, the Lavellan Dalish clan happened to be traveling by and managed to fend off the darkspawn and were able to at least save one survivor; Albedo, an infant child. Since then, the young child was under the care of the Keeper. It was then that the clan learned that he inherited his father’s natural prowess for magic. He was raised as any other member of the Dalish clan at first, but as his powers developed, he went through the motions of eventually becoming the keeper’s First. A role that he was literally born for; becoming skilled in the ways of winter magic along with supportive healing magic. The clan wandered the northern Free Marches however, the Keeper sent Al to the Chantry’s conclave as a spy to observe the progress and state of the mage and templar war and report back to the clan. Unfortunately, things obviously didn’t go as planned. 

Female Qunari WarriorIssala Adaar was a born and bred Tal-Vashoth. She was born outside of the Qunari homeland and was raised among other Tal-Vashoth and as such, opposed the Qun, viewing it to be ridiculous and absolutely ludicrous. Not only as a religion but the way of living by the Qun. She was always traveling with her fellow Tal-Vashoth and learned how to pick up the sword at a young age, showing even more strength than her male Tal-Vashoth brethren, specializing in the style of the sword and shield. To survive, she joined the Valo-kas mercenary company, where she earned a living by her own wits and the strength of her blade, ignoring the fearful looks you receive from those around her, not only because she was a qunari, but especially because she was a qunari woman. Most recently the company was sent to the Chantry conclave as hired swords meant to keep the peace between mages and templars—a task that has gone horribly wrong

loving this inquisition mod on Varric 

loving these mods

Jethro Hawke and Fenris stare longingly at each other while Anders stands in the corner, jealous that Hawke decided to not rebound from Fenris with Anders and that eventually Fenris came back to Hawke. Even Varric looks away giving the lovers some time to just look at each other for once. 



I didn’t know what to do for his birthday. 

I’ll miss you. You’ll write to me, won’t you? Do pirates write letters?

baconboyfriend asked:
wait got november and september mixed up wow sad

I knowww babes, it made me sad xDDD It was supposed to come out in October, but it poofed and decided to come out November instead, the struggle is real!