Anonymous asked:
you fugly ass bitch tryin to act fucking sweet and shit and really you're just a cunt.


Yes, you are right almighty one; I am a horrible human being that doesn’t give a shit about anyone but myself. I want to eradicate all the scum in the fucking world and you happen to be one of those motherfuckers.

So excuse me while I go find some fucks to give, oh wait, I DON’T HAVE ANY. So whoever you are (pretty sure I know who you are) fuck off because you’re literally wasting your time, grow a pair or  some tits or maybe both for all I fucking care and get the fuck out of my inbox because the world would be better off if assholes like you should G.T.F.O off the goddamn planet.

I mean what do you gain out of this? Does this make you feel better, throwing every word in the urban dictionary? You probably don’t have much of a vocabulary if you use these tone of words with me, here let me translate this into something you can understand If you have a problem with me, get off anon and deal with me face to face because this is the internet and there is no way I can possibly find you, hunt you down and rip your spine out of your body right? I mean I have nothing to lose cause you claim that I haven’t gotten into film school and I am worth nothing right?

But if you’re just a asshole who is having a shit day and you want to take out on the next African-American female cause you’re a racist shit, get the hell out of my askbox with this weak ass shit; unfollow and never come back.

Seriously what the fuck is wrong with people on tumblr these days. I hope this anon makes like a tree and leafs.

*puts shades on*’

Love you Re~

Make me choose asked : Fenris or Garrus?

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I’m not sorry

There are actual things like prints and cell phone cases and whatnot too.

But seriously.

Look at these.

Is this a socially acceptable thing to buy? Because I will 

Can we make a Garrus one? I want to lay on that turian’s face.

They have a Garrus one on their site and I am so so so tempted by it

this is something indeed. 


I’m a piece of white trash with a guilty pleasure song, no skills in gifmaking in PSD and stupid ideas that amuse no one but me.

gifs taken from foxghost and her glorious buttwiggle DA II mod (thanks again for the mod and the permission to use these!!)


Kat in limbo


my friend’s beautiful DmC cosplaaayyy!


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So I was on GIMP and I was like, I have the randomest urge to Genderbent Leliana into a male, but I”m not as artistic enough to make a drawing or anything, so I was like I might as well use Eddie Redmayne, because, why not? So I took the top pic of him, the original pic, and made his hair more red in both his head and his eyebrows and made his eyes more blue, and this kind of happened.